COCO Shed limited is a grower, processor and global supplier of a wide array of ethically sourced high quality pure organic coconut, spices, essential oils and herbal food ingredients. We are based on Auckland, New Zealand and source all our organic harvest from carefully grown home gardens of Sri Lanka and process them in our own facility under internationally certified food manufacturing practices. Our organic production and quality management systems have been accredited by EU, USDA, JAS, ISO 22000 and HACCP systems. Coconut Sheds are the traditional place for the storage of crop harvest, coconut and other intercrops, in Ceylon coconut plantations.

Built with coconut trunk beams and its thatched leaves for roofs, the shed stood in harmony with its surrounding nature, thus being eco-friendly and local providing reliable yet sustainable protection of the quality goods housed within. Capturing this concept today we created our COCO Shed; one stop place for all organic coconut products, spices, herbal medicine and organic tea.

Our Products

We are in a quest to deliver the secrets of the coconut to the world.

Our Pledge

Our pledge is delivering goodness to our customers in all aspects. We assure the safety and reliability of our products confirming the relevant credentials along each facet.

Our Business model

We respect your uniqueness as an individual, a retail store, a food service, an organic product distributor or a food manufacturer. We cater you through tailor-made services.

Our Coconuts

Our coconuts come from carefully grown, organically farmed lush green plantations flourishing under the amazingly unique and optimum year-round climatic conditions of Sri Lanka, which determines the unique composition and functional properties of coconut products.

Our farmers are experts in knowing the correct stage at which to harvest fresh coconuts, when they are at their peak in flavor and nutritional value. We process them in high tech coconut processing facilities operated under international food safety management systems.